Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birth of Crew Abraham

 I have thought often about writing this post and sharing these photos but honestly Crew's birth was so amazing and priceless it left me speechless for quite some time. These shots are from Little Earthling Photography. We started the morning like this, a big belly and a lot of nervous butterflies. Although I had done this three times before, it was like the first time. 
I got all set up to have a scheduled C- section and daddy prayed. He was so nervous and excited to meet our long awaited baby. 
 And then he was here, a miracle
Fresh and new and perfect, 

and very pink.

 and very, very cherished. 
 A sweet boy, long awaited,
 filling mommy's arms full of love,
and making daddy's heart complete. 

Hard to believe it has been almost four months already, four wonderful months with this sweet baby named Crew. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Heart you.

This was fun too. Seriously took less than five minutes!

I heart HEART day.

Rainy day blogging fun. Feed the baby, burp the baby,  change the baby, nap-time for the baby, computer fun.