Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And the winner is...

My Dad! My whole family really tried to keep Jesus as our focus this Christmas and not get caught up in all the commercialism, etc... We scaled down the kids gifts, we listened to the Christmas story, we went to church. Then my dad did it, gave my mom the best Christmas gift in the world.... A puppy she has begged for for over six months. When we arrived on the 21st I found an add on my moms dresser from the local paper that my mom had circled and wrote 'Christmas Wish'. When I asked my dad about it he said... " NOOOO!" Amy to the rescue! I came up with several reasons mom should have a FIVE.5 week old GREAT PYRENEES. On Christmas Eve we told my mom we wanted to take Joe out to show him some of the sights. My dad pretended he had to stop to use the restroom at a gas station and the lady was waiting there with the puppies so my mom could choose the one she wanted. She cried...

I clinch my jaw when I see her, it's ridiculous. She is so cute!

I know this is a stupid amount of puppy pictures but she is the cutest animal ever, right up there with pepper corn sauce..

My Baby with



A Dog is in our near future it will just have to be more on the lines of a Chihuahua rather than a small horse... I don't know.... I'm in love with this dog!

EE with Holly, we had to make pup off limits at times because everyone wanted to hold her.

Joe and I were so close to taking the male of the litter, can you imagine us getting a dog that will grow to weigh 150 pounds!!!!!!? 150 pounds went through both our minds at the same time and we drove away. I am so happy for my mom and her new baby. I will post a lot more when we get home we have had a fabulous trip! We will leave the 1st or the 2nd depending on the weather. Please pray for safe travels :)
My super cute mom and her super cute dog...

Merry Christmas Mama!
Thanks Dad for making her so happy!

Monday, December 22, 2008

We Made It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the way to Nebraska! Across Washington, into Oregon, over to Idaho, into Utah, across Wyoming and finally into Nebraska! Other than one speeding ticket :( we did amazing. The roads were so great, we passed through some stretches with huge piles of snow on the sides of the road but the blacktop was clear. Such a blessing! So now we are relaxing in the cabin, the guys are hunting and we are snuggled inside. It was 5 below today! I love being able to see my mom and dad. My brother Andrew and his wife are here too with their two baby boys. I love being here. Tomorrow: showing my husband my high school, etc.. Can't wait.

Brrrr... The windmills in Wyoming were so cool to watch. All the country we saw was frozen, we did not see the thermometer in the car go over 23 the whole way!

We intended to drive 24 hours, stopping for food, gas and potty only. Maybe turning 37 on that day made me too tired! We spent the whole day on the road, stopped for a birthday dinner and had to stop three hours latter at Motel 6 in Evanston, WY to sleep for four hours.

Happy BIRTHDAY to me!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Over the River and thru the woods...

if we can just get out of Sudden Valley, to grandmothers house we go! The weather is proving to be a real challenge! We thought if we could just make it out of Washington we would be 'home' free but snow
is forecast for the entire route. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and finally Nebraska! Our good friend MapQuset says 23 hours 47 minutes, 1632.89 miles! Please pray God will go before us and protect our path! Leaving is a bit daunting but so is staying... :) I will try and post while away if I can figure out how on my dad's computer! Have a wonderful Christmas!

EE has been outside for three days! He comes in to eat and sleep otherwise he is snowboarding with his friends. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by people we love (and big hills)!
This morning... it just kept coming! Worried about traveling!

"I'm going to play with Jack L-C and Nolan! See you latter"

Wednesday afternoon, a winter wonderland... not worried about travel.

Jacks Feet Cold, Jack not happy. He has been keeping busy making sure bunny has water. Staying inside with us is just fine with him!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is there any thing more entertaining

than a 1st Grade musical performance?! 
It was precious! The fidgeting, the nose picking, the falling of the risers, all of it! I so wish we had a digital video camera, Joe taped it but well it's... on tape. We need to enter the digital age in the video department. Thanks to Mrs. Batten for the the preparation that went into this sweet little concert! 

For you locals: I asked Joe when leaving school if we could drive through James Street. We were all talking about the Christmas program and I realize where we are and I am thinking why the heck are we all the way over at Trader Joes? So I ask Joe "Where are we going?" and he said "You wanted to drive down James Street?!"  He is not a local! And clearly had never experienced the simple pleasure of the James Street Estates mobile home light show tour. After a good laugh, we found it. 

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy Day...

A LEGO party to celebrate happy Jack turning SEVEN! 



Our budget is super tight now with Joe being laid off but we were able to pull off the present of the century. It was such a thrill to watch Jack open the one thing he has asked for for over a year! 

One: Wow, this looks fun, what could it be!? 

Two: I love Jack's friend Ethans face in this one....

Three: "It's NOT a wooden toy like dad said!!!!"

Four: "Mars Mission, my dream!!!!!!"

Five: The happiest kid on the planet... 

Six: Mom and dad are happy that Jack is so happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! 
Elizabeth, cute girl... won the how many legos in the jar game. 
Using his bunny to impress girls, who would of ever guessed "impressing girls" and "with bunnies" would be in the same sentence?! 

Taa Daaa...

Here it is and it only fell over three times while decorating! Just a couple of 
four letter words...

Monday, December 01, 2008


Tree looks Small in 
Forrest, Gigantic in House! That is the syndrome we suffer from, can anyone relate!?  Joe and I got to go tree cutting, just the two of us and it was actually a real treat, a super fun date... I was sad when we decided we didn't want to wait until next weekend but then I thought "Sweet, we can go by ourselves!"


Joe and the boys were able to get the lights up last week as well... This is a special Christmas, our first one as a family in our house. Only nineteen days until we leave for Nebraska, regardless I just have to decorate. Now I am off to conquer the 10' beast, I'll post again with the finished task! 

J and J on the rooftop... Crap that was scary to watch!