Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is there any thing more entertaining

than a 1st Grade musical performance?! 
It was precious! The fidgeting, the nose picking, the falling of the risers, all of it! I so wish we had a digital video camera, Joe taped it but well it's... on tape. We need to enter the digital age in the video department. Thanks to Mrs. Batten for the the preparation that went into this sweet little concert! 

For you locals: I asked Joe when leaving school if we could drive through James Street. We were all talking about the Christmas program and I realize where we are and I am thinking why the heck are we all the way over at Trader Joes? So I ask Joe "Where are we going?" and he said "You wanted to drive down James Street?!"  He is not a local! And clearly had never experienced the simple pleasure of the James Street Estates mobile home light show tour. After a good laugh, we found it. 

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