Monday, December 01, 2008


Tree looks Small in 
Forrest, Gigantic in House! That is the syndrome we suffer from, can anyone relate!?  Joe and I got to go tree cutting, just the two of us and it was actually a real treat, a super fun date... I was sad when we decided we didn't want to wait until next weekend but then I thought "Sweet, we can go by ourselves!"


Joe and the boys were able to get the lights up last week as well... This is a special Christmas, our first one as a family in our house. Only nineteen days until we leave for Nebraska, regardless I just have to decorate. Now I am off to conquer the 10' beast, I'll post again with the finished task! 

J and J on the rooftop... Crap that was scary to watch! 

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Anonymous said...

Amy... You crack us up! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your sweet heart! Boys just have to be boys! We love you guys all the way from Missouri- Sis