Thursday, December 18, 2008

Over the River and thru the woods...

if we can just get out of Sudden Valley, to grandmothers house we go! The weather is proving to be a real challenge! We thought if we could just make it out of Washington we would be 'home' free but snow
is forecast for the entire route. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and finally Nebraska! Our good friend MapQuset says 23 hours 47 minutes, 1632.89 miles! Please pray God will go before us and protect our path! Leaving is a bit daunting but so is staying... :) I will try and post while away if I can figure out how on my dad's computer! Have a wonderful Christmas!

EE has been outside for three days! He comes in to eat and sleep otherwise he is snowboarding with his friends. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by people we love (and big hills)!
This morning... it just kept coming! Worried about traveling!

"I'm going to play with Jack L-C and Nolan! See you latter"

Wednesday afternoon, a winter wonderland... not worried about travel.

Jacks Feet Cold, Jack not happy. He has been keeping busy making sure bunny has water. Staying inside with us is just fine with him!

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