Monday, June 25, 2007

Drum Roll Please...

Well this is it... three years in the making. Here he is!!! I finally found my very own bad boy! Although his bad boy days are over, he is a God honoring, family loving, super great man! We (myself, the kids, my parents, and my closest friends) starting praying over two years ago that God would take something bad, our broken family, use it to His glory and turn our lives into something to serve His purpose for me and for the kids, find fulfillment, erase the pain. Turn the heartache into Joy, make the struggle worth every tear. There were many, many days that I felt I would never see the sunshine in my heart again. There were many days I felt I would never find the love I had in my heart again for another person. I have heard many times, "when you least expect it, God will bring someone into your life". Well I can vouch that that is indeed the case. I had dated a little bit and was discouraged with the outlook. Nothing ever felt right. I also heard that "when you know, you know" I can also vouch for that concept! It was after only a few phone conversations that I "knew" Joe was the one God had placed in my path with all arrows pointing directly at him. So after two months in the planning, this weekend was a big one! He booked a ticket to head to the Pacific Northwest, out of the desert and into the pouring rain. And I do mean pouring rain!!! We could not get a break! Despite the weather the visit was all we could of hoped for. The kids, even Isabelle, went right to Joe and embraced the concept that he was "with" mommy! So here are some specifics but first I will share this: Last November I had a few conversations with my best peeps, after much deliberation and convincing we decided this: First, I was given the green light, that I was ready to date. The gaping wounds had been sewn up and the kids were over the worst of it and ready to embrace someone new. Secondly, where, oh where, would I meet someone?! I would not pick up someone in a bar.... My church does not have a lot of single prospects.... The soccer field... perhaps, but how would I know the quality of there soul? The grocery store.... not likely. The locals...scary. After I was fully aware of the fact I do not have the confidence or the desire to walk up and ask "do you love Jesus?, do you want three kids?" I decided to check out the dreaded on line possibility!!! Yikesss, my worst fear coming true! Then of all things, it was after a visit to my 25 year old hair dresser that convinced me "ohhh all my friends met their husband that way!!!!" Robin said. It was then the idea went from totally taboo in my mind to a reasonably acceptable idea. After 122 "closed" matches and seven months God brought someone worthy of our total affection!
Name: Joseph Mason
Age: 46
Height: 6'1"
Occupation: real estate agent, mortgage broker
Location: Henderson, Nevada

Here is a bit from his profile on eHarmony! (babe I hope you are okay with me sharing!!! :)

The one thing joe is most passionate about:

* I'm passionate about life, I want to live life to it's fullest. To enjoy and share life with a special woman.

The three things which joe is most thankful for:

* Gods unconditional love
* Being filled
* family/friends

The most influential person in joe's life has been:

* My pastor, he is a true man of God. He has inspired myself and many to strive for spiritual greatness and height.

joe's friends describe him as:

* Ambitious
* Easy-Going
* Physically Fit
* Spiritual

Three of joe's best life-skills are:

* Creating romance in a relationship
* Finding pleasure and contentment in simple things
* Being a good friend and companion

The most important thing joe is looking for in a person is:

* My Ideal woman and partner in this life, has given her life to Jesus and lives by the word, is active, and passionate about life.*****

The first thing you'll probably notice about joe when you meet him:

* Confidence / Intelligence

The one thing joe wishes MORE people would notice about him is:

* Hmmm? I Dont know.

joe typically spends his leisure time:

* I enjoy quite times at home, but really enjoy the outdoors. Where I live is warm, so it's nice to get out for hiking,boating,sports or a BBq with friends. Also can be found working out, concerts.

The things joe can't live without are:

* Salvation
* My Bible
* Family
* Friends
* Starbucks

The last book joe read and enjoyed:

* besides my bible..."share Jesus without fear" good book that teaches a person to bring others to the knowledge of the truth and sharing our faith with non-believers in a way that is very easy and comfortable for both. **** four stars!

One thing that only joe's best friends know is:

* I have been blessed with a fire to share the gospel. so some Saturdays I go out with my church to feed and share Jesus with the homeless. I also have a non-profit that I use to benefit the needy.

Some additional information joe wanted you to know is:

* I'm active - I enjoy the outdoors, but the indoors as well. Cooking is a passion of mine, so lucky you.

Is he perfect for me or what???!!!!

The Plan: Joe sadly had to return to Nevada yesterday. I plan to visit in approximately three weeks. We would love your prayers to make a smooth transition. I am entirely blessed that Joe is willing and able to leave his life and business in Nevada and reestablish himself in Bellingham! What an answer to prayer! I prayed many times that the kids and I would not have to relocate. I was ready and willing to move but I am thankful that it worked out that he can come to us. Please pray for a great job opportunity and for God to smooth out our path before us. Pray for Joe- that getting himself reestablished business wise would be "easy". Pray that God would open doors. For me please pray I will be patient in sharing Joe with the kids, I want him all to myself!

So thank you all for praying for me, for the kids, and for our future!!! I can't thank you enough. God answered our prayers! I look forward to a life full of laughter, love, ministering together, kayaking, hiking, camping, boating, fishing, ski-doing, being outdoors as a family! To see more pictures of our first outing you can click to find them on flickr.
The Bad Boy on a hike in Nevada.

Our first family "date" was full of hearts... Jack and I kept finding them...
She held Joe's hand on our first outing... For all of you who know Bellie you will understand how amazing this is!
He even fishes... can you believe it??
Ethan was all ears to some expert fishing advise...
Our pineapple picnic. Because of the rain roasting smores on the beach was replaced by dinner at Applebees, three kids in a restaurant on the first outing, brave man!

The heart shaped Lily pad...

Jacker's and I even found these initials carved in a tree.

Love, Amy

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I love this boy...

We had an awesome day together planting our flowers and doing a few household projects. I feel incredibly blessed to hang out with a kid as cool as Jack. He is after all my favorite five-year-old. Being his mother aside I have noticed in life some kids are just special, effortlessly confidant and full of joy and that would describe Jack. He makes me smile. Our projects turned out pretty good too! Have a great weekend full of blessings, I know I am so thankful for mine! Amy, mom of Jack

Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer please come back...

I think in the excitement of of Isabelle's field trip and Jack's graduation this day was neglected to be blogged? We had one weeks of sunny, hot days. Just enough to get a taste of summer then to have the rain take it away! I was remembering it this morning when I woke up to the pouring rain hitting the roof. We are longing for a few more hot sunny beachy days! Summer please come back...

Friday, June 08, 2007


Well that is that... and what is a mother to do. My baby boy is done with his preschool years. On to bigger and better adventures. My heartstrings are pulled in every direction. I can't believe how fast time goes. Seriously. The mom turns to me in the checkout stand and says 'enjoy this, mine are in college' and for the first time I take that to heart. It does go so fast, Jack was just two and now he is ready for kindergarten. Although sometimes I see him for who he thinks he is, a seventeen year old surfer dude, it was just yesterday he was toddling around in a saggy diaper. I turn around and we pass another milestone. I blink and he grows another inch. I am going to treasure the next two weeks, Bellie and EE are still in school until the 22nd leaving Jack and I two glorious weeks to spend together alone! He experienced his 'first crush' this spring with his best friend Myah. He brought home countless drawings and notes from her with 'I luv you Jack' written all over them. Moments to treasure forever... Thanks Teacher Charlene for all your nurturing, loving care. Jack loved every minute.

Monday, June 04, 2007

A Boy and his Bunny...

Have you ever seen a boy walk a bunny? Well you have now... It's Jack and Ethan's new favorite activity. And who knew Peppercorn Sauce would LOVE to eat daisies? As far as pets go a bunny is a good one!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Back to 1886!!!

I was fortunate enough on Tuesday to join Isabelle and her classmates to go back in time to the pioneer days of 1886. I was amazed and really surprised how much of an effort is made for our Bellingham third graders! The conservation site is located on the south end of Lake Whatcom and from the moment the "stagecoach" pulled up the children were transported back in time. The girls were fitted with bonnets and the boys pioneer hats, they even had costumes for helping parents. I look hot in a bonnet by the way... :) They were expected to do a variety of chores including chopping wood, dipping candles, hauling water, making butter, etc... They also got to experience the life of a logger, pan for gold, and attend old fashioned school! It was a wonderful day. But by far the best part of the day for me was to watch Isabelle with her friends. This first picture is worth a million bucks to me. These little girls are genuine friends and really encourage Bellie to participate and follow along. I am so thankful that Isabelle has met some sweet friends. Huge, huge, answer to prayer!
I can't forget to mention Tam, Isabelle's sign interpreter / aid. She has been with Isabelle since Kindergarten and she could not be where she is today without her! Props to Pioneer Dan and Aunt for putting on such an amazing day for the kids! You can see the photo set on flickr to see a little bit of the scene they set for Whatcom County in 1886! Click Here...