Friday, June 01, 2007

Back to 1886!!!

I was fortunate enough on Tuesday to join Isabelle and her classmates to go back in time to the pioneer days of 1886. I was amazed and really surprised how much of an effort is made for our Bellingham third graders! The conservation site is located on the south end of Lake Whatcom and from the moment the "stagecoach" pulled up the children were transported back in time. The girls were fitted with bonnets and the boys pioneer hats, they even had costumes for helping parents. I look hot in a bonnet by the way... :) They were expected to do a variety of chores including chopping wood, dipping candles, hauling water, making butter, etc... They also got to experience the life of a logger, pan for gold, and attend old fashioned school! It was a wonderful day. But by far the best part of the day for me was to watch Isabelle with her friends. This first picture is worth a million bucks to me. These little girls are genuine friends and really encourage Bellie to participate and follow along. I am so thankful that Isabelle has met some sweet friends. Huge, huge, answer to prayer!
I can't forget to mention Tam, Isabelle's sign interpreter / aid. She has been with Isabelle since Kindergarten and she could not be where she is today without her! Props to Pioneer Dan and Aunt for putting on such an amazing day for the kids! You can see the photo set on flickr to see a little bit of the scene they set for Whatcom County in 1886! Click Here...

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