Tuesday, September 25, 2007

E Turns Eight!

E turned Eight on the 22nd and how fun it was to hide his new bike in the back of Joe's truck and have Joe bring it in after Ethan unwrapped the "lame helmet" we gave him. You could just see the thought behind his expression, "is that it? This lame helmet??" When Joe walked over with the bike I think it took a second to register.... "I got a new bike!" We had a great time with Uncle Mike, Auntie, Caleb and Emily and Ethan's good friend Grant from school. Thanks for making his birthday so special guys!
Happy 8th Birthday E!
There are a few more pics on flickr including our first family dinner....at the table....not cereal!

By his side at every big event... Ema-lish-ous and Jackers!
And of course it does not take long for him to get a chick on the front of his new bike?!!!
Make a wish! But after receiving a new bike and Joe his new best fishing buddy I don't know what else a boy could wish for!
Ahhhh sweet silence!
EE got to celebrate turning eight at school by bringing an item to share with the class... his item of choice, Peppercorn Sauce, Jacks' bunny. She was a big hit!

EE's 2nd Grade Class, how cute they are!

Monday, September 17, 2007

This Time... To Good IS True!

Those of you who are Rascal Flatts fans will recognize those lyrics! And that is exactly how I feel! Here at Last!!!! Well I have to share that God has truly out done himself in this situation... I am sometimes at a loss for words when I think of all He has done bringing Joe here to Bellingham. Everything concerning the transition has gone so much better than expected. We found a house right out here in Sudden Valley that he can rent a room in. The kids are surprisingly receptive to him and loving his company-!! He has the touch with the boys laying out "new family rules", providing them with a sense of security that was missing without the presence of a man. I have done the best as I could being a single mom for the last three years but I can see now that so many things happened for us flying by the seats of our pants! How fun it is to have a partner, a companion, a helpmate! We have been able to enjoy many fun things as we enter this new phase of adding Joe to our family, kayaking, walks at Boulevard Park, soccer, bb gun shooting practice, wrestling, and the list I am sure will continually grow! I thank God for this relationship; I could not have planned for a man more perfect for us myself! Please pray for our family as we continue to embrace change, change that is ohh so great, but regardless change! I can honestly say I have never felt more loved or more secure in so, so, long! Here are some family pics from our first week together!

Friday, September 07, 2007

All About Jack...

DSC_0315.JPG, originally uploaded by Bare Feet.

Considering the significance of this day I decided Jack is worthy of his very own back to school post! After kindergarten round-up, kindergarten orientation, kindergarten assessment and kindergarten meet and greet Jack was shocked that today was actually the day! Can you blame him??? That was a lot to endure to get to the real deal! I teared up as I watched him leave my side and join the other kids in the line. With all the parents watching as theirs did the same it was pretty emotional. To see him join the kids, eager to get started was soo cute! Then being a mother of three, the emotions quickly went to "good bye by sweet boy to Sweeet I'm Free!!!!!" I'm proud of you my little Kindergarten Boy! Here are a few more pictures because it was soo cute!

We are very excited about Mrs. Young!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to the Books

We (with dad's help) gathered our supplies... Click

We ate our breakfast...
and we went to school!!!
And in seeing these guys off I let out a huge sigh of relief, I am one happy mommy!
Ready for SECOND grade, "where are my friends and when is recess?!"
My little kindergarten boy!
And a sassy little FORTH grader!

Little school girl, today I was as happy as Christmas morning!!!!

And we are off to what is going to be an amazing year!