Friday, September 07, 2007

All About Jack...

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Considering the significance of this day I decided Jack is worthy of his very own back to school post! After kindergarten round-up, kindergarten orientation, kindergarten assessment and kindergarten meet and greet Jack was shocked that today was actually the day! Can you blame him??? That was a lot to endure to get to the real deal! I teared up as I watched him leave my side and join the other kids in the line. With all the parents watching as theirs did the same it was pretty emotional. To see him join the kids, eager to get started was soo cute! Then being a mother of three, the emotions quickly went to "good bye by sweet boy to Sweeet I'm Free!!!!!" I'm proud of you my little Kindergarten Boy! Here are a few more pictures because it was soo cute!

We are very excited about Mrs. Young!

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The Zerbst Family said...

Hey, Darlin'! I love your blog! And I got tears in my eyes when I read about Joe. My heart is filled with joy for all of you! :o)