Sunday, May 23, 2010

Go Banana Slugs!

We had a blast Saturday at the Jr. Ski to Sea race at Lake Padden, Ethan and his BANANA SLUG team did a fantastic job!

Ready to cheer Ethan on!

Warming up.

Thanks to Sean for the cool shirts...
The banana Slugs, plus one little brother...

E and his three legged race partner. They did amazing well despite the height difference. Awesome job!
I do believe half of Bellingham was there and Joe was quick to observe the whole scene could be a REI commercial. Nearly everyone sporting REI gear or fleece.
Our friends Liam, Phil and Sandra.

She waited and waited for her turn, so when the real race wrapped, it was time for Isabelle to attack the obstacle course!

There was no real category for kids literally as slow as banana slugs but she sure is Number ONE to us! Thanks EE for the awesome day!

Jr. Ski to Sea Parade (in the sun!)

We got my hubby warmed up for next weekend by attending the Jr. Ski to Sea parade Friday night. Parades are one of Isabelle's very favorite things. By Friday evening she was recovered enough from the hospital ordeal to get out and about. And now Joe will be ready for the big one... Saturday at NOON!

Happy to have a smile back on our sunshine girl!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Child O Mine

We got home this morning from an overnight visit to Children's. And it was one heck of a night! We had four appointments in Seattle, echocardiogram, swallow study, clinic walking test, and a long visit with her cardiologist. After all of that we headed to see a good girl movie before we had to check into Bellevue Children's Hospital for her sleep study. The movie was Ironman 2, go figure. She was mad that there were Shrek posters everywhere but it did not start until today. Boo.
We left Bellevue this morning at 6:00am awaiting more test results but so far, no more "bad" news. Except for some mention of starting another medication for blood clots. Her progress is slow (as they expected). Her cardiologist doubled all her medication and we will wait to hear how the results of the sleep study go. They did not have to come in and give her "emergency" oxygen like they warned me so I was happy about that! A "sleep" study I learned involved very little sleep, especially for me, I was awake all night!
Once I got the coat of Crisco-like glue that was matted all over her hair out, she started to smile again. Until then she was pretty ticked about the whole ordeal.
We are home, taking pills and waiting good results! Thanks for all the kindness.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Best Weekend.

The best Mother's Day ever. We stayed in Sudden Valley the whole weekend and enjoyed everything right in our own backyard. I was spoiled...

We helped E build a bike jump,

I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers,
We took Isabelle in the Canoe,

We felt the sun on our faces,

I got breakfast in BED!
We went Fishing,

And caught some whoppers :)

We took the bunny too,
And I looked at each of my children thinking I am the luckiest mom on the planet.

Friday, May 07, 2010

What in the world?

I know time flies and all but these are my big 9 1/2 size feet in my son's shoes and they are too big! I knew this day was inevitable but I didn't know it would happen so soon. I miss those little feet but I am excited to see where these big ones will take him...