Monday, December 31, 2007

A Little Culture...

Joe and I headed to Seattle on Saturday to branch out and see some sights and in typical fashion we visited Seattle for Joe's first time on probably one of the rainiest, windiest, most crowded days on record!!! Aahhh, he is missing the sun. Since when are there a million people at the market???  Despite the weather and wall to wall people we had a wonderful time, dinner at Gordon Biersch and then the perfect ending to a perfect date, a good movie... Juno, despite the lack of high moral standards it is a super cute film. We both loved it... 

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Freeze Ball!

This was Super Fun, the best part of Christmas Day... We were all getting a little bit stir crazy inside the house (there is only so long you can do puzzles and play with a Robo Raptor in one day...see below:) Joe and the boys have been going to the batting cages every Thursday night so they have been excited to show me their skills. Christmas afternoon in a wind and rain storm it was! It was so cold and windy but regardless we had a great time! Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you enjoyed each other this Christmas! 

Merry, Merry Christmas!

We had a Wonderful Christmas, full of blessings. Jack obtained a life long goal of owning his very own RoboRaptor, witnessing that event alone made the whole day! We had a very low key morning and afternoon until the best part of the day.... Freeze-Ball... see above. 

Friday, December 21, 2007

Let It Snow and Decking the halls...

Here is a random little Selection of Photos... Every year I look forward to setting up my lady bug themed tree... How fitting it was to find one on our tree when wrapping it up with lights. A ladybug in December, it was meant to come home with us! 
This is typical Bellingham, everyone gears up for the storm of the century... For Example: Chaining up this bug and then a whopping 1 to 2 inches falls.... Let it Snow! 
Joe and his little side kick hanging up the Christmas lights... 
When I realized that this will probably be our last Christmas in our little cabin I was a bit sad ... When we all combine we will definitely need a bigger place, hopefully in the near future! (For all of you concerned... nothing sparkly yet! :)  I have loved my little cabin in the woods and I will be a bit sad to leave it behind, this place provided the perfect atmosphere for healing! 
This is my photography growth attempt. Jackers is in focus and then the tree is in action...mmm don't know it I pulled it off! 
I love our tree this year, we went for the tallest one we could find, I think it is close to 14'! 

We rushed out to play in the December 1st snow and it lasted all of about 10 minutes before we wore it right off the hill. Come on snow!!! Joe has the next four days off so it would be so fun to see some snow and take the kids sledding. I hope you are all enjoying this time of celebration! I thank God everyday for what he had given me... a whole and healed family. 

Monday, December 17, 2007

Race Cars Anyone?

In search of some sort of new birthday party idea we came across this... Mike's Remote Control Car indoor racetrack! And what fun they had despite two things. First, it was freezing it there. Indoor is used roughly here, I think with all the exhaust from the gas powered cars it is pretty much all open. Secondly those little cars are fast... too fast (22mph) for 6-9 year old kids. Even the dad's had a time of it! Despite the temperature and the crashes it was a super fun day! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! 
Slide Show, Click Here! 

Ohhhh... this is not all about me, bummer?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ahhhhh.... Bliss, seriously Bliss!

Well I had a very tragic situation last week... my faithful iMac bit the dust, crashed, toast, gone. After much panic trying to figure out the order of events to get the old thing repaired I received a HUGE blessing! My parents lovingly offered to buy me a new smokin' fast, 20" screen (that's right 20"!!!!!, my pictures are huge!!!)  iMac for my Birthday (Dec. 20) / Christmas gift. Joe and I even drove down to FedEx in Burlington to intercept the machine on Saturday to speed up the arrival day of Monday! So thank you to all my photography clients that have patiently waited for work on your photos...seriously this could not of happened at a busier time.  So good riddance old computer and hello to the new, I'm back. I realize now how much working on my little projects and blog is a little bit of therapy for my peace of mind!  I LOVE the design of apple, love it. This computer is going to make my work go so much more smoothly in half the time! 
So here is my favor to all of you..... please, please email me your email addresses and blog sites, etc... I lost my address book and favorites in the transfer. My Email:
I would really appreciate it!  Ahhh to be connected to the world again, I love it. Thanks Dad...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Happy Jack!

How did this adorable baby start as this little peanut and grow so quickly into this big SIX year old? Seriously, my heart about breaks when I realize how fast they grow up. We went for our annual trip to the candy shop downtown just the two of us. The only problem was, due to the Candyman having his birthday on the same day, the shop was closed. We opted for Mallard Ice Cream instead ... not quite as good but close! Happy Birthday Happy Jack!
Here are two slideshows to celebrate the growth of this little boy!
Baby Jack grows into Six Year Old Jack
(in the right hand corner on flickr, there is a button that says slideshow...)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My New Favorite Photo...

This is my new favorite picture for obvious reasons. I love this man not only for his integrity, character and fun and loving personality, but for his ever increasing love for these three little people. It can't be easy from going from a bachelor to the 'new dad' to be to three! I just need to say publicly he is doing an amazing job, full of grace, patience and love. I am blessed.

Monday, November 26, 2007

OuR 1st ThaNksGiving...

It is so strange to be having 'a first' at 35 with three kids but in so many ways we are starting all over with new family traditions. We had a fabulous day celebrating all we are thankful for, each other! We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and some football or coarse... We cooked a yummy dinner, then we ventured out to enjoy a beautiful northwest evening. Ending up at the Gish's for pumpkin pie.... it was pretty much the perfect day! Take a look on Flickr.

We had some turkey... We watched in awe at this gorgeous sunset...

We explored...
We dreamt...
We stopped to smell the roses...
We played...
We wrestled...
We even tried to ice skate on a small patch of ice!
I hope all of you that stop in to see what is new enjoyed the same good fortune in celebrating all you are thankful for with your families! Love, A