Monday, December 17, 2007

Race Cars Anyone?

In search of some sort of new birthday party idea we came across this... Mike's Remote Control Car indoor racetrack! And what fun they had despite two things. First, it was freezing it there. Indoor is used roughly here, I think with all the exhaust from the gas powered cars it is pretty much all open. Secondly those little cars are fast... too fast (22mph) for 6-9 year old kids. Even the dad's had a time of it! Despite the temperature and the crashes it was a super fun day! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! 
Slide Show, Click Here! 

Ohhhh... this is not all about me, bummer?

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The Zerbst Family said...

Hey, Amy. Glad to hear you have a new computer. WOO HOO! It's a treat to see you at MOPS again. :o) Here's my blog addy: