Friday, December 21, 2007

Let It Snow and Decking the halls...

Here is a random little Selection of Photos... Every year I look forward to setting up my lady bug themed tree... How fitting it was to find one on our tree when wrapping it up with lights. A ladybug in December, it was meant to come home with us! 
This is typical Bellingham, everyone gears up for the storm of the century... For Example: Chaining up this bug and then a whopping 1 to 2 inches falls.... Let it Snow! 
Joe and his little side kick hanging up the Christmas lights... 
When I realized that this will probably be our last Christmas in our little cabin I was a bit sad ... When we all combine we will definitely need a bigger place, hopefully in the near future! (For all of you concerned... nothing sparkly yet! :)  I have loved my little cabin in the woods and I will be a bit sad to leave it behind, this place provided the perfect atmosphere for healing! 
This is my photography growth attempt. Jackers is in focus and then the tree is in action...mmm don't know it I pulled it off! 
I love our tree this year, we went for the tallest one we could find, I think it is close to 14'! 

We rushed out to play in the December 1st snow and it lasted all of about 10 minutes before we wore it right off the hill. Come on snow!!! Joe has the next four days off so it would be so fun to see some snow and take the kids sledding. I hope you are all enjoying this time of celebration! I thank God everyday for what he had given me... a whole and healed family. 


Naomi said...

You make me smile friend! Every time I read your blog I am reminded how much God loves us. It is soooo evident in your story and life.
Merry Christmas!

(sorry, I can't spell well :)

The Zerbst Family said...

Hope you had a happy birthday, Amy! :o) I was thinkin' of you on the 20th!