Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Happy Jack!

How did this adorable baby start as this little peanut and grow so quickly into this big SIX year old? Seriously, my heart about breaks when I realize how fast they grow up. We went for our annual trip to the candy shop downtown just the two of us. The only problem was, due to the Candyman having his birthday on the same day, the shop was closed. We opted for Mallard Ice Cream instead ... not quite as good but close! Happy Birthday Happy Jack!
Here are two slideshows to celebrate the growth of this little boy!
Baby Jack grows into Six Year Old Jack
(in the right hand corner on flickr, there is a button that says slideshow...)


Jamie M said...

Your sweet family is really so beautiful! Thank you for sending this to me and sharing. It made my night!

Jamie M AGAIN! said...

Almost forgot, happy Birthday JACK!

Nicole said...

Wow! 6! Happy birthday Jack!