Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mamma What?

Okay... I sit down with Christine on Saturday night thinking...."It's a stupid musical, how good could it be?!" Then the first scene starts and I am gagging, seriously wanting to get up and high-tail it out of there. But I wait, and wait and by the end of the movie I don't want to leave. It was Soooo Good. I am not claiming to be a knowledgeable movie critic but I had to mention this flick. And somewhere it has to be a real mom success that I have my kids rockin' out to the soundtrack. Which is lucky for them they love it because I am addicted to playing it! You know it's got a few catchy tunes when Ethan says "Mom, can you put this on my ipod?"  So if you are scared off by musicals like me, don't miss this one. I'm dragging my husband next! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Last of the Dog Days of Summer

Well friends there is a nip in the air! That cool breeze mixed with the win last night by the San Diego Super Chargers (yes, I'm a trader but I had to go with the ol'... if you can't beat him, join him thing :) gives me the feeling that fall is closing in! And I have to say, I love that! We have enjoyed the pool, the nice weather and the extra time to relax and be lazy but this family is ready for falling leaves, school days and football!  

So to make the most of what we have left we did what we are always begged to do.... take E fishing. We did however have some fun friends around to break up the usual for Isabelle and Jack and me... :) 

Jackers with Ethan B.  doing what they love best, playing with guns... 

Today's Catch... They are just getting bigger...  A Bass out of Lake Whatcom. Good thing my friend Naomi's son Brett was there... I was NOT taking this home for dinner! 


Cute Boys

Check out Isabelle in a jacket and Jack half naked in the water! It was cold but if you can take the chill go for it! 

Friday, August 22, 2008

Flipty Flapty Forty One Fish...

Good to get out! 

Does it get better than this...? chocolate donuts and cheetos!? Joe was at a meeting so dinner's on me kids! 
And of coarse we had to bring the bunny... because Jack says "I hate fishing!" 
Here is me probably thanking my husband that Ethan can worm his own hooks now!  or trying to get Simone to join me but she is more sensible that doughnuts and cheetos are not a complete meal and decided to stay home and eat a real dinner. 

A HUGE animal lover I am not but this bunny is stinkin' cute! 

Look how big she is now?  Hop, Hop...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Looks may be deceiving...

When I downloaded the pictures I was surprised to see as many smiles because in the moment we all seemed pretty miserable on the hottest day of the year, out in the blazing sun, trying to survive the crowds at the fair in Lynden. We went on Friday and until Joe arrived after work I was hot and cranky. At one point I even thought I would have to call emergency because Isabelle literally wilted in the heat. I've never seen her get heat exhaustion but I know her little body is capable. A little cool shade and a lot of water did  wonders and we were able to stay...

"Can we go home?"

You know it is hot when the boys would rather be at the water sprayer than on the rides...  

Ahhhh dad is here to the rescue! 
Ethan was so happy to experience the Go Army exhibit, he loves all things army. He even got his own dog tag. 

Ending their day by each winning a gold fish, I think was a big hit. I remember my parents allowing me to drag goldfish home so I thought "what the heck...okay!" 
One of the only nice things about being divorced is that the free baby sitter drove out to Lynden to pick the kids up and Joe and I had a date under the moon at the Newsboys concert. Much cooler and a perfect way to end the day. 

Remind me next year that I said today... "I think the fair will be an every other year event!!!" 

Monday, August 04, 2008

A serious problem...

While at the pool today I look over at Jack with his finger in his mouth and hear this..."urrr, I got a cheeto caught in my six- year- old mullet!"