Friday, January 25, 2008

Where do I start?????

Let's start with April 20th, 2008!!!!! It's official! We are engaged.... and I am over the moon happy. When I took my ring in yesterday to get sized "7 to 10 days" was like acid to my ears! What 7 to 10 days???? Well I can wait I guess, but honestly I was so happy to have it only to give it back! Joe did a great job, we decided to keep it simple with all of the activity around here which brings me to my next exciting news. We moved...across the street. Literally. Joe was so great taking my love of my tree house into consideration in the decision of relocation. And in true God fashion the house across the street became available so we jumped on it. So I have up graded my tree house from 1100 square feet, barbie kitchen and muddy drive way to nearly 2500 square feet, workable kitchen and pavement!  It is so wonderful to have some breathing room. When we become a family of five the extra space is going to be a necessity. Sooo we decided to get the kids and I moved before we start the wedding planning, etc... I am so grateful that Joe is so understanding about not making too many drastic changes for the kids. Marriage is enough of an idea for them to grasp so keeping their neighborhood the same worked out beautifully! So back to the wedding!!!!! San Diego on the Beach and then a reception May 18th in Bellingham. Joe's hometown is San Diego and I always wanted to marry with my feet in the sand so it was a natural decision. Here are some pics of the new pad: 
5 Maple Court N
Our Cozy Porch...
My kitchen is seriously about five times the size the one I had in the cabin.

The fact that I have a little spot for backpack hooks is a joyful thing! 

Yip and Yap in the kid area...more on that latter.

So thank you to all of you out there that love me and that have prayed throughout the last four years. God is definitely answering our prayers. Joe is amazing and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life experiencing life side by side! Stayed tuned for more wedding details! 
Love, Amy

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Love...

my son's creative spirit. I love that God made each one of us so different, with different interests, different passions, each heart and bag of talents completely different from the next. It has been really hitting me lately how much we (the fields four) have grown in the last three years. We have each blossomed under God's protection and plan for us. It is days like today that I can't even grasp what God has done and the plan he has been constructing through all the pain, all the tears and all the hurt. I am so thankful for He who had a plan for myself and for each of my children that is better than what I could of ever imagined. And as all you mothers know, what a gift it is to watch what God is brewing up in each one of our children. God really is amazing isn't He?! 

Monday, January 07, 2008

Brrr.. A Blizzard!

To end off the Christmas vacation on Saturday morning we Headed up to Baker for some sledding fun. Fun... well that was questionable, it was pretty brutal actually. The best thing that happened was right after our arrival we hiked up to the top of the 'drop off' and before I knew (or could stop it :) Joe had Isabelle on the snow tube and with a little push---- She FLEW! ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM, knocking at least two kids out on the way. I didn't know if I should scream in horror or burst out laughing!!! It was one of those moments if we would of had a video camera we would be rich! A Clark Griswald moment for sure!!  We made several runs and Joe and Kyle dug a pretty impressive snow cave before the threat of freezing solid came on.  We ended the trip with a fun lunch in the ski lodge.  Thanks Zenders for the great day!