Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two Things... Well actually Three

First it was a beautiful Saturday morning for football, no rain! There are two facts about this game that made it extra special. Two circumstances that brought out a beast on the field, an animal ready to play. One, how cute is Ethan's 4th grade teacher, she came to his game. Ethan asked me two times... "Mom, is she here yet?" It was so cute.
Thank you Mrs. Allen for taking the time to make your students feel special!

Secondly these two... I don't know if I should share this info or not. It worked so I am sharing. E was paid! 5 bucks for every solo tackle, 1 buck for an assisted tackle. A dollar lost for missing a tackle from the offensive line. A bit whacked but it worked. Ethan was on fire and dad is out 15 smacks!
Here is our friend Hayden... And the ball was gone, gone, gone. 26 to 14.
So fun to watch!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm really looking forward to this...

Another soaking wet football game. Kick off- 8:00 am, drop off an hour before that. (that was sean's job :) Come on slop, muck, mud, and mire! Go King Nissan!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A stunning way to pick up some pumpkins...

Cascadian Farms... is great but it is the way there that is really breathtaking! It is out HWY 20, 3 miles past Rockport. It is may favorite "no-frills" patch. A perfect Sunday afternoon.

This sweet church was even having there 3:00 every other Sunday service. Right out of a Movie!