Sunday, October 18, 2009

A stunning way to pick up some pumpkins...

Cascadian Farms... is great but it is the way there that is really breathtaking! It is out HWY 20, 3 miles past Rockport. It is may favorite "no-frills" patch. A perfect Sunday afternoon.

This sweet church was even having there 3:00 every other Sunday service. Right out of a Movie!


Milliren 5 said...

Great pictures Amy! Just the fall pick-me-up that I needed. I was so hoping to get out of the house for a Sunday drive in the country. This is my favorite season. But, I am still couching it with pneumonia, etc.

I am sure that you are in your glory with all of the oranges and stripes on the pumpkins. I can't believe how much the children change with every post. They are growing up too fast. Did Joe have a time of pulling the wagon? We had so much rain Thursday through Saturday that I bet it made for some mushy ground to roll on.

Thanks again for sharing fall with me. I miss you!


P.S. This farm is just past one of our favorite campgrounds--Howard Miller Steelhead Park. It is right along the Skagit River, has a great tent area, trails, playground, and CLEAN bathrooms with SHOWERS. Bryan takes the kids there every August. I haven't been in a few years as I always end up working. But, next year I am going before it is too late. Maybe you guys can join us sometime? I think it is $15/night to tent camp. Take care!

anjie said...

I always link over to your blog from Shelby's. You take the BEST pictures. Nice post!

The Northwest Bunch said...