Monday, June 27, 2011

Paradise Back!

We got our paradise back! After two years of the pool being closed for the summer, or was it one, it felt like a long time! We are finally back in business for our summer routine. Chores and errands in the morning and the pool in the afternoons. Followed by reading and baseball.
Good friends, good times...
Nothing makes boys more hungry than sun and swimming!
Caden and Ethan devouring Nachos...

The water is heated this year and feels good on my pregnant belly. You will find me in the water this year rather than just lounging on the side.

The best part is... This is a great way for Isabelle to get some exercise. With her Lupus hurting her legs, swimming is a good solution. So come clouds or sun we will be there... as long as the temp goes above 65!
Our church even helped open the pool with a donation, thank you SVCC!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remembering, finally.

The cool, rainy days this week (good only for chores and blogging) are reminding me of everything I love about summer. We have had such a long, cold, wet spring that I was starting to forget what to look forward to. Things like flowers on the deck, the color of the sunlight, baseball, and finally this summer I am remembering something really wonderful... How much I love being pregnant. The first four months were difficult! Right along with the depressing cold and rainy spring was constant nausea and blues. So let the summer sun SHINE! It's about time.

This house (one of my favorites on Lakeway) was LIT-Up with the summer sun one night on the way home from our baseball game.
Flowers from the Pike Place Market, beeeeautiful!
Baby bump, 22nd week. One of the 6 that I have truly enjoyed. I can feel him kicking like crazy now and I love that feeling. Another wonderful thing is that this is all new to Joe. I can't wait until he can actually see him move from looking at my stomach. It will be soon!

Baseball, the perfect way to spend summer evenings!

All about Jack... He has sat at the sidelines so many times to watch Ethan that now it is HIS turn. We love spending warm (or in this case, cool) summer nights out at the baseball field. Super fun!
His greatest fans... Go Jackers!
Look how cute the pitcher is... nothing makes the mama more nervous at BB than when your son is pitching! I scream, dad paces...
Ready for the game, 22 weeks!
The other base ball player is growing too, yikes! Scary to think 17 more weeks!
We are very proud of you Jack, play ball!

Summer fun, Fire-Pit Style

Joe made last Wednesday his Saturday and made a fire-pit in our own yard. The best part, this is all the camping I will ever need! It feels like camping, then I go inside, take a shower and sleep in my own bed!
We even had a visitor come by to check it out... A buck!

Warming it up...
Time to break it in... Ethan's Kick off to Summer. He had several friends over to enjoy some S'mores.

Looking forward to many more summer nights spent by the fire!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Way to Go Ethan!

Today is a big day! The wrap up of Ethan's Elementary School days. Just yesterday I dropped him off with tear filled eyes (mine not his) to kindergarten! We are super proud of his accomplishments and hard work.
Congratulations EE we are super proud of you!!!

I feel truly blessed that he has such a good group of friends. Friendships that will no doubt last a lifetime.

The famous 5th Grade Tunnel!

The Last Lunch!

This one is entitled... "Who's on First?"

FIRST place in the district track meet for the 400m!

E with Mrs. Ritchie, one of his favorite Geneva teachers.
And last but not least...(I'm totally freaking out) is Ethan's first girlfriend, Abigail. Heaven help me!

Monday, June 13, 2011

To Blog or NOT to Blog...

Is anybody out there? (I think that's a Journey Song) Facebook put a wrench in the whole blogging routine I had going. It is so quick and easy to upload a couple of photos and a quick blurb about what is happening. But lately I have been thinking... "Why don't I ever blog anymore?" I recently went to a baby shower for a friend and she had the most lovely book published from all of her blog posts. It included photos and all the text, what a great keepsake for the future!! We have big news going on over here, Isabelle's health, the boys and their injury reports and certainly our new baby! So perhaps I will do the best I can to move on over here back to blogspot and catch up, well not exactly catch up, but pick up where we are now.

If you are out there and this ever gets looked at, comment and let me know.
Amy, former blogger since 2004
(thinking of Hawaii in this cool, dreary weather)