Monday, June 27, 2011

Paradise Back!

We got our paradise back! After two years of the pool being closed for the summer, or was it one, it felt like a long time! We are finally back in business for our summer routine. Chores and errands in the morning and the pool in the afternoons. Followed by reading and baseball.
Good friends, good times...
Nothing makes boys more hungry than sun and swimming!
Caden and Ethan devouring Nachos...

The water is heated this year and feels good on my pregnant belly. You will find me in the water this year rather than just lounging on the side.

The best part is... This is a great way for Isabelle to get some exercise. With her Lupus hurting her legs, swimming is a good solution. So come clouds or sun we will be there... as long as the temp goes above 65!
Our church even helped open the pool with a donation, thank you SVCC!

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Buhler family said...

It sure felt longer, but the pool was only closed for one summer. I'm glad it's here again just in time to indulge your pregnant belly, and to put a smile on Isabelle's face.