Monday, September 28, 2009

EE turns TEN! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Make a wish...
This is how we start the day, every year...

Ethan's request was an airsoft party and he is lucky in the fact Joe said "Yes!" mom was not as excited...
Blurry but still cute
The long awaited gift... a big bad airsoft riffle. Again Joe bought it, not me :)
And then it was on... The War!
This would be the man laying down the airsoft law! 

Okay now I can see by this why he thinks this is fun.
ooohhh... scary.

Happy Tenth Birthday EE!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It Starts! EE's First Game...

We had the best time yesterday at Ethan's first official football game. It was a blast to see the team come together and succeed! 28 to 7! I can see the more experience they have the more fun the games are to play and watch. So I am happy to say I can't wait for each Saturday game from here to Halloween! 
Disclaimer: These are not the pics from the game on Saturday as we left the house at 6:20 am, I'm lucky I remembered to change out of my pajamas! These are from the "practice" games from the Jamboree. 
Go 22! Whooo Hoooo!!

This is what the dads do... explain the game, explain the strategy. Over and over and over!

Proud Mama!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

School Days, School Days!

Is this not the cutest middle schooler?! Well we did it, made it to the first day of school with all the necessary preparation. And I'm exhausted! As are my three school going children. Mmmm, I i just love this time of year. I'm going to go put them all to bed and have a glass of wine with my husband. Yea school! 

Forth Grade!!! 

Once again... Check this out.
In front of her new school. Kulshan Middle School

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Salmon Catchers

Salmon slaying in the Skagit River...  We had a great time, catching BIG fish! 

This is what the dads do... over and over.

Catching Salmon is a whole new world... We have come along way from worms on a hook baby! 
We actually needed a diagram courtesy of a cute fisherman from Holiday Sports and two moms humble enough to ask!  And we'll be back. Simone and I want to stock up our freezers!

Friday, September 04, 2009

It's over, my nursing days are over!

 Well to say I am amazed at Gods healing power would be a huge understatement. Jack is nearly healed, the skin is discolored and he still has some cosmetic healing do to but the burns are all closed up. I am so thankful this nightmare is behind him. I am thankful we have been able to return to our life free of doctor visits, dressing changes, pain and Advil. Now that Jack is on the mend we have been trying to squeeze the most out of this summer, I will have more to come but for now just Jack being able to be Jack is enough to keep a huge smile on my face. 
Don't you just love new school shoes... I wish these were big on him but honestly he just has huge feet! 

Thank you again for all your prayers, please let me give you the same if ever the need may arise. 
Love, A