Friday, April 25, 2008

The count down, three days until wedding...

While I patiently wait for the wedding photographer and my dad to send us disks with the wedding pictures on them I decided to share a few from the days leading up to the big day! I can't wait to see the wedding pictures but until they arrive this will have to do. I want to post our honeymoon trip but I thought that would be rushing the order!!! 
Isn't my husband cute! 
Sarah and I meeting up to decide where to set up the chairs and for the ceremony. Which leads me to story #1. It goes like this.... I really wanted an arbor for the ceremony and Joe lovingly reserved one. However when we got to California we decided with the rental car we had actually getting the arbor to the beach was too complicated. I thought oh well, we will just get some tiki torches. On the evening of our wedding Sarah (designer and princess of tulle) was setting up the wedding. Two guy wedding planners walked up and she thought "oh great, we are going to get booted out" They proceeded to explain they had just finished up a wedding and we could use the arbor and suggested the 'best spot on the beach'.  Then Sarah mentioned we had a lot of left over flowers from the bouquets up in the Hotel room. Christine ran like lightening from the Hotel and thirty minutes later we had not only an arbor but an arbor decorated beautifully with our own wedding flowers. Obviously God. 

Story #2... We were all over the place. The kids were able to go to the beach, the San Diego Zoo, fun restaurants, roller coasters, deep sea fishing, Disneyland, and they all loved the attention from the wedding. Towards the end of the trip Joe asked Jack what the best part of the trip was, Jack said with all seriousness "Getting my NEW DAD".  Needless to say, I am still overwhelmed emotionally. 
Isabelle doing a practice run... 

Joe with his BEST MAN... his nephew Justin. I felt like I had been in the family forever. I loved meeting him. 
Bellie -bells first pedicure! 
Beach Boy
I could watch this sight all day! 
These two are close. They may not see each other often but their bond is obvious.

Little miss on her way to the pool... Be warned, she got to wear makeup at the wedding and this little goof ball transformed into a beautiful young lady... Stay tuned. 

Everything in San Diego is beautiful. I could not get over what was growing, in full bloom, all over town! 

Hotel Del on Coronado Island, location of our ceremony. 

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Better Than Our Wildest Dreams...

You know when you have a picture in your mind of how something will look like, feel like, taste like, smell like?  Well our wedding was even more amazing than any picture that I could come up with in my mind. It took everyone available to pull it off and we will be forever grateful for all the help and love everyone poured into our big day.  I am overwhelmed by the events of our wedding day. I will look forward to sharing with you more when we get a bit more settled.  We were blessed in every way. The wedding was everything we thought it would be and more. Please be patient while I process the pictures. I have a lot to go through and I need to decide how to go about posting!  Thank you everyone for praying, our wedding was well.....perfect. God is faithful and we are so thankful that His presence was with us on our wedding day! Stay tuned... :) 
Mrs. Amy Mason

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"One more sleep!"

Is what I told the kids about leaving for California tonight at bed time. This morning I told Bellie to go downstairs and get ready for school and she came up with her bikini and her flip flops... silly girl!  She is definitely ready for some fun in the sun! Everyone is healthy so thank you so much for praying. We are getting up at 5:00 am and heading to the airport!!!! I think we are all packed and anything that we missed we will have to live without! Our newly joined family will be returning next Thursday night and will have many, many things to share I'm sure. I love you my friends, next time you hear from me I will be a MARRIED woman! 
p.s. this is bellie's flower girl basket, I must say I was quite crafty. :) Now, if only I can get it to the beach in one piece! 

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blessings Overflow...

My friends threw me an incredibly lovely bridal shower. I am so blessed. We would of loved to invited every single woman I know because I have great friends. Unfortunately Catherine's home can only seat 17 or so. Thank you for all of you who gave up your Sunday afternoon to shower me with blessings and wonderful gifts. I am overwhelmed by the love and attention. 

I received a card from a high school friend during my greatest pit of the fall of 2004. Catherine happened to be over that day, she picked up the card said "someday... soon, this will be our motto!" I can't believe that time is now! Cheers to New Beginnings!!! 
Brenda, Marlo Shelby and Catherine
I even got a lady bug balloon... :)
In true Christine and Catherine fashion, everything was decorated beautifully right down to the seashells! 
Becky and Sarah, my good friends from Sudden Valley.
Isn't she cute?! 
This is my seemingly tasteful and respectable friends showering me with ky jelly, edible lotions and cute night gowns. 
Me and Sarah. She and her husband Dan are coming to the beach for our wedding, can't wait! 
My super cute plate from Winnie and my friend Kim! 
I am so grateful for all my friends whom not only picked me up at the worst time of my life but are also there to celebrate the this great joy! I'm blessed.