Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blessings Overflow...

My friends threw me an incredibly lovely bridal shower. I am so blessed. We would of loved to invited every single woman I know because I have great friends. Unfortunately Catherine's home can only seat 17 or so. Thank you for all of you who gave up your Sunday afternoon to shower me with blessings and wonderful gifts. I am overwhelmed by the love and attention. 

I received a card from a high school friend during my greatest pit of the fall of 2004. Catherine happened to be over that day, she picked up the card said "someday... soon, this will be our motto!" I can't believe that time is now! Cheers to New Beginnings!!! 
Brenda, Marlo Shelby and Catherine
I even got a lady bug balloon... :)
In true Christine and Catherine fashion, everything was decorated beautifully right down to the seashells! 
Becky and Sarah, my good friends from Sudden Valley.
Isn't she cute?! 
This is my seemingly tasteful and respectable friends showering me with ky jelly, edible lotions and cute night gowns. 
Me and Sarah. She and her husband Dan are coming to the beach for our wedding, can't wait! 
My super cute plate from Winnie and my friend Kim! 
I am so grateful for all my friends whom not only picked me up at the worst time of my life but are also there to celebrate the this great joy! I'm blessed. 

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