Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back to the Beach...

We heard the faint sound of waves last week calling us back to the beach. It was actually Christine calling to see if we could join she and Mike at Ocean Shores for a few days. Absolutely! It is our favorite place. The wind, the waves, the sounds, the smells, the sunsets, the people, I love everything about the beach. We enjoyed every moment we spent on our trip. The beauty of the sand and sun is always a fun photo opportunity for me… Everything about the beach is healing.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Crazy for Fishing, Me, just going Crazy!

Fishing anyone? Ethan is a crazy, obsessed kid when it comes to fishing, he thinks only about fishing and some day’s golf. So that is what we do, if I don’t the begging alone nearly kills me! It was a good night, I love it when the kids can catch one right after another. This is kinda funny, I hooked a worm on Jack’s hook and cast out his pole and walked away to check on Ethan. Not long after Jack came walking down the trail with a fishing swining like wild on the end of his line! “I caught one!! All by myself!” It was funny, Ethan and I did not know he could do it! The next day Jack crossed the rope from the “baby pool” to the “big kids side”, what next?! Hopefully this little outing will buy me a couple of days with no begging and pleading to go fishing! But I know it won’t…

Monday, July 17, 2006

Seattle Zoo...

We ventured out on the kids first bus ride to the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo. Check out the little monkeys…
Click Here

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Isabellie turns 9, NINE!?

Can I seriously have a nine year old? It seems like just yesterday we were at Children’s but then that feeling, time and place seems a million miles away. I am so grateful to have had nine years with this little girl! I am so happy God gave her to me- I love her personality, her spunk, her sassiness- Happy Birthday Bellie!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Big Lake… CrackLe, PoW, PoP!

We had a sparky 4th of July celebration this year that actually happened on the 3rd- The four of us headed down to Big Lake to spend the day with our friends Scott and Jacqueline. The show put on by the Big Lake fire department is always impressive! This is a tradition that the kids always get hyped up for. The boats, jet skis and fireworks are right up at the top of Ethan and Jack’s list! Bellie girl loves the fireworks although getting home at 1:00 am is not on her list of favorites- She likes to be in her own bed by 8:00! A great time was had by all! CLICK! to check out more of the Forth of July freaks-

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hot Summer!

What better to do on a hot June day then wade around in Dawson’s Creek? It is actually the creek running through Mike and Christine’s backyard, but it is more fun to call it Dawson’s Creek. Emily, Ethan and Jack can spend all day trying to catch water bugs. And imaginary shrimp, clams, fish, etc… If only I could be a kid again, I love the no worries part!