Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back to the Beach...

We heard the faint sound of waves last week calling us back to the beach. It was actually Christine calling to see if we could join she and Mike at Ocean Shores for a few days. Absolutely! It is our favorite place. The wind, the waves, the sounds, the smells, the sunsets, the people, I love everything about the beach. We enjoyed every moment we spent on our trip. The beauty of the sand and sun is always a fun photo opportunity for me… Everything about the beach is healing.


Little Bug said...

Oh Amy, The pics are sheer perfection. I love the lenses by which you view our beautiful world. I'm glad that your summer is being filled to the brim with one adventure after the other. Our life is certainly adventurous at the moment......Check the blog and you'll see why!!!! Hint Hint!!!

Suz said...

Hey Amy,
I always enjoy so much getting your updates and am always sooo amazed at the talent you have been blessed with. It's so great you guys are having such a wonderful summer full of fun. You're kids have the best MOM in the world, they maybe little and not realize it now, but someday, they will and they will be forever grateful to you for that!
Hopefully we can get together soon.

Love ya