Friday, July 21, 2006

Crazy for Fishing, Me, just going Crazy!

Fishing anyone? Ethan is a crazy, obsessed kid when it comes to fishing, he thinks only about fishing and some day’s golf. So that is what we do, if I don’t the begging alone nearly kills me! It was a good night, I love it when the kids can catch one right after another. This is kinda funny, I hooked a worm on Jack’s hook and cast out his pole and walked away to check on Ethan. Not long after Jack came walking down the trail with a fishing swining like wild on the end of his line! “I caught one!! All by myself!” It was funny, Ethan and I did not know he could do it! The next day Jack crossed the rope from the “baby pool” to the “big kids side”, what next?! Hopefully this little outing will buy me a couple of days with no begging and pleading to go fishing! But I know it won’t…

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