Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remembering, finally.

The cool, rainy days this week (good only for chores and blogging) are reminding me of everything I love about summer. We have had such a long, cold, wet spring that I was starting to forget what to look forward to. Things like flowers on the deck, the color of the sunlight, baseball, and finally this summer I am remembering something really wonderful... How much I love being pregnant. The first four months were difficult! Right along with the depressing cold and rainy spring was constant nausea and blues. So let the summer sun SHINE! It's about time.

This house (one of my favorites on Lakeway) was LIT-Up with the summer sun one night on the way home from our baseball game.
Flowers from the Pike Place Market, beeeeautiful!
Baby bump, 22nd week. One of the 6 that I have truly enjoyed. I can feel him kicking like crazy now and I love that feeling. Another wonderful thing is that this is all new to Joe. I can't wait until he can actually see him move from looking at my stomach. It will be soon!

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