Thursday, June 16, 2011

Way to Go Ethan!

Today is a big day! The wrap up of Ethan's Elementary School days. Just yesterday I dropped him off with tear filled eyes (mine not his) to kindergarten! We are super proud of his accomplishments and hard work.
Congratulations EE we are super proud of you!!!

I feel truly blessed that he has such a good group of friends. Friendships that will no doubt last a lifetime.

The famous 5th Grade Tunnel!

The Last Lunch!

This one is entitled... "Who's on First?"

FIRST place in the district track meet for the 400m!

E with Mrs. Ritchie, one of his favorite Geneva teachers.
And last but not least...(I'm totally freaking out) is Ethan's first girlfriend, Abigail. Heaven help me!

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iriske said...

i have just graduated from college. It is a happy event!