Monday, January 07, 2008

Brrr.. A Blizzard!

To end off the Christmas vacation on Saturday morning we Headed up to Baker for some sledding fun. Fun... well that was questionable, it was pretty brutal actually. The best thing that happened was right after our arrival we hiked up to the top of the 'drop off' and before I knew (or could stop it :) Joe had Isabelle on the snow tube and with a little push---- She FLEW! ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM, knocking at least two kids out on the way. I didn't know if I should scream in horror or burst out laughing!!! It was one of those moments if we would of had a video camera we would be rich! A Clark Griswald moment for sure!!  We made several runs and Joe and Kyle dug a pretty impressive snow cave before the threat of freezing solid came on.  We ended the trip with a fun lunch in the ski lodge.  Thanks Zenders for the great day! 

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