Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Last of the Dog Days of Summer

Well friends there is a nip in the air! That cool breeze mixed with the win last night by the San Diego Super Chargers (yes, I'm a trader but I had to go with the ol'... if you can't beat him, join him thing :) gives me the feeling that fall is closing in! And I have to say, I love that! We have enjoyed the pool, the nice weather and the extra time to relax and be lazy but this family is ready for falling leaves, school days and football!  

So to make the most of what we have left we did what we are always begged to do.... take E fishing. We did however have some fun friends around to break up the usual for Isabelle and Jack and me... :) 

Jackers with Ethan B.  doing what they love best, playing with guns... 

Today's Catch... They are just getting bigger...  A Bass out of Lake Whatcom. Good thing my friend Naomi's son Brett was there... I was NOT taking this home for dinner! 


Cute Boys

Check out Isabelle in a jacket and Jack half naked in the water! It was cold but if you can take the chill go for it! 

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Shelby said...

You let your kids play w/ guns?! tsk, tsk...

We prefer steak knives.