Friday, August 22, 2008

Flipty Flapty Forty One Fish...

Good to get out! 

Does it get better than this...? chocolate donuts and cheetos!? Joe was at a meeting so dinner's on me kids! 
And of coarse we had to bring the bunny... because Jack says "I hate fishing!" 
Here is me probably thanking my husband that Ethan can worm his own hooks now!  or trying to get Simone to join me but she is more sensible that doughnuts and cheetos are not a complete meal and decided to stay home and eat a real dinner. 

A HUGE animal lover I am not but this bunny is stinkin' cute! 

Look how big she is now?  Hop, Hop...

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Buhler family said...

Great pictures again! That bunny is way too cute! If my husband hadn't been gone for 8 days kayaking and then 5 days of 12 hr shifts, I would have joined you. It was not the sensible dinner that kept me home, I'm all for a night off from cooking.