Sunday, May 23, 2010

Go Banana Slugs!

We had a blast Saturday at the Jr. Ski to Sea race at Lake Padden, Ethan and his BANANA SLUG team did a fantastic job!

Ready to cheer Ethan on!

Warming up.

Thanks to Sean for the cool shirts...
The banana Slugs, plus one little brother...

E and his three legged race partner. They did amazing well despite the height difference. Awesome job!
I do believe half of Bellingham was there and Joe was quick to observe the whole scene could be a REI commercial. Nearly everyone sporting REI gear or fleece.
Our friends Liam, Phil and Sandra.

She waited and waited for her turn, so when the real race wrapped, it was time for Isabelle to attack the obstacle course!

There was no real category for kids literally as slow as banana slugs but she sure is Number ONE to us! Thanks EE for the awesome day!

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Buhler family said...

No Amy, ALL of Bellingham was there. At least the ones with kids in that age bracket. How did I miss Isabelle?? Very cool! I love the team's name.