Monday, September 17, 2007

This Time... To Good IS True!

Those of you who are Rascal Flatts fans will recognize those lyrics! And that is exactly how I feel! Here at Last!!!! Well I have to share that God has truly out done himself in this situation... I am sometimes at a loss for words when I think of all He has done bringing Joe here to Bellingham. Everything concerning the transition has gone so much better than expected. We found a house right out here in Sudden Valley that he can rent a room in. The kids are surprisingly receptive to him and loving his company-!! He has the touch with the boys laying out "new family rules", providing them with a sense of security that was missing without the presence of a man. I have done the best as I could being a single mom for the last three years but I can see now that so many things happened for us flying by the seats of our pants! How fun it is to have a partner, a companion, a helpmate! We have been able to enjoy many fun things as we enter this new phase of adding Joe to our family, kayaking, walks at Boulevard Park, soccer, bb gun shooting practice, wrestling, and the list I am sure will continually grow! I thank God for this relationship; I could not have planned for a man more perfect for us myself! Please pray for our family as we continue to embrace change, change that is ohh so great, but regardless change! I can honestly say I have never felt more loved or more secure in so, so, long! Here are some family pics from our first week together!


Cookie Lady said...

Hello from Nisqually Valley Farm
What a wonderful new adventure the five of you have embarked upon. I remember 25 years ago, when Gary and I began that new chapter in our lives. Christine and Karyn had some adjustments too. But look at us now.
God has answered my prayers for you and your family
I love you Kathy

Hello from Mt. Vernon said...

Congratulations Amy, Isabelle, Ethan, Jack and Joe!

How very exciting to have a new adventure to embark upon. God is good and truly faithful. He will never abandon us. I am so glad that things are going well. Even the "laying down the new family rules." This must be tough, but exactly what the children need. You have done an amazing job as a mom and have been so respectful of the children's feelings. I can't wait to hear all about the latest, greatest adventures with Joe. I am looking forward to meeting him someday soon. Maybe October 13th.

Love ya, Heather