Friday, June 08, 2007


Well that is that... and what is a mother to do. My baby boy is done with his preschool years. On to bigger and better adventures. My heartstrings are pulled in every direction. I can't believe how fast time goes. Seriously. The mom turns to me in the checkout stand and says 'enjoy this, mine are in college' and for the first time I take that to heart. It does go so fast, Jack was just two and now he is ready for kindergarten. Although sometimes I see him for who he thinks he is, a seventeen year old surfer dude, it was just yesterday he was toddling around in a saggy diaper. I turn around and we pass another milestone. I blink and he grows another inch. I am going to treasure the next two weeks, Bellie and EE are still in school until the 22nd leaving Jack and I two glorious weeks to spend together alone! He experienced his 'first crush' this spring with his best friend Myah. He brought home countless drawings and notes from her with 'I luv you Jack' written all over them. Moments to treasure forever... Thanks Teacher Charlene for all your nurturing, loving care. Jack loved every minute.

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Shawn,Simone, Christian, Nolan and Ethan said...

Hi Amy,

Your blog is awsome! Now I caught the blog fever too. I was immune for all this time, but now I'm in! It is so much fun! Thanks for your help creating mine. I might even attempt to help a friend with hers!!

Your friend,