Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy Day...

A LEGO party to celebrate happy Jack turning SEVEN! 



Our budget is super tight now with Joe being laid off but we were able to pull off the present of the century. It was such a thrill to watch Jack open the one thing he has asked for for over a year! 

One: Wow, this looks fun, what could it be!? 

Two: I love Jack's friend Ethans face in this one....

Three: "It's NOT a wooden toy like dad said!!!!"

Four: "Mars Mission, my dream!!!!!!"

Five: The happiest kid on the planet... 

Six: Mom and dad are happy that Jack is so happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! 
Elizabeth, cute girl... won the how many legos in the jar game. 
Using his bunny to impress girls, who would of ever guessed "impressing girls" and "with bunnies" would be in the same sentence?! 


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the smile on his face when he's clenching the lego box in his arms. Happiness! So cute :o)

Love, Christine

Steph :o) said...

Seven? Really? It was that long ago?! I remember I was your DGL, and I came to visit you in the hospital! Love your Lego ideas. Jay has asked for a Lego b'day in April. Can I steal your ideas? ;o)