Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And the winner is...

My Dad! My whole family really tried to keep Jesus as our focus this Christmas and not get caught up in all the commercialism, etc... We scaled down the kids gifts, we listened to the Christmas story, we went to church. Then my dad did it, gave my mom the best Christmas gift in the world.... A puppy she has begged for for over six months. When we arrived on the 21st I found an add on my moms dresser from the local paper that my mom had circled and wrote 'Christmas Wish'. When I asked my dad about it he said... " NOOOO!" Amy to the rescue! I came up with several reasons mom should have a FIVE.5 week old GREAT PYRENEES. On Christmas Eve we told my mom we wanted to take Joe out to show him some of the sights. My dad pretended he had to stop to use the restroom at a gas station and the lady was waiting there with the puppies so my mom could choose the one she wanted. She cried...

I clinch my jaw when I see her, it's ridiculous. She is so cute!

I know this is a stupid amount of puppy pictures but she is the cutest animal ever, right up there with pepper corn sauce..

My Baby with



A Dog is in our near future it will just have to be more on the lines of a Chihuahua rather than a small horse... I don't know.... I'm in love with this dog!

EE with Holly, we had to make pup off limits at times because everyone wanted to hold her.

Joe and I were so close to taking the male of the litter, can you imagine us getting a dog that will grow to weigh 150 pounds!!!!!!? 150 pounds went through both our minds at the same time and we drove away. I am so happy for my mom and her new baby. I will post a lot more when we get home we have had a fabulous trip! We will leave the 1st or the 2nd depending on the weather. Please pray for safe travels :)
My super cute mom and her super cute dog...

Merry Christmas Mama!
Thanks Dad for making her so happy!


Buhler family said...

That is so great! It would have been hard for me not to take one of those cute pupies as well! Your pets are doing great here though! See you soon.

schmittfamily4 said...

Oh my goodness that is a cute puppy!!! We will have to talk puppies when you get back!! :-)