Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Most Beautiful Day

Some of you have likely seen some of these photos already. Here is a day trip the boys and I took and it was seriously the most beautiful day! The air was crisp and cool and it had just rained, Gods hands were all over it- We love to explore the cove and find all kinds of interesting sea creatures. Bellie bells misses some our fun because she is a little studious 2nd Grader. Click here to see the full set.


shawn said...

Hi Amy! Beautiful pics -- are you at Larrabee? Can't quite tell. We were at Larrabee Monday and also a gorgeous day for the kids to play in the rocks and water. (The link doesn't connect for me, would love to see the rest of the photos too!)
Happy Day!

Amy Fields said...

Yes, this is Larrabee! Try the link now, I am not too advanced on all this link stuff! Still waiting to have coffee- :) A