Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Camp Mosquito

The kids and I were able to take off out of Bellingham at a most needed time. We left town immediately after we picked up Isabelle on her last day of school. We packed up and headed over the pass into Eastern Washing to enjoy a good ol’ camping experience with our great friends Naomi, Brett & Natalie. The company was a blast, the setting was beautiful, the golf was great, the swimming was fabulous, sleeping in the tent was okay, the stories around the campfire were hilarious, and the mosquito swarms attacking us were horrible! I have never seen so many mosquitoes. Our only refuge was the car or the pool. We did however have a great trip into Leavenworth to stroll around and have some dinner other than PB&J or hotdogs… I am trying really hard to find the joy in camping, (the dirt and grime part), especially for my boys and I think I may of come one small step closer. Isabelle and I are girly girls who like to sleep in our own clean beds!
Click for a glimpse into our camping trip to Leavenworth, very fun despite being eaten alive by mosquitoes!

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