Monday, September 25, 2006

Lucky Number Seven!

Ethan turned Seven on the 22nd! We started our day with the traditional candle lit doughnut delivered to his bedroom. He was so surprised, even though he talks about it all year long. Ethan was able to take a special treat to school and enjoyed all the birthday boy privileges throughout the day. We finished off the big event at good ol’ Chuck E. Cheese at his request. It was so fun to connect with Ethan’s Montessori friend Marcus and his mom Denise. As always we were blessed to have Auntie, Caleb and Emily join us as well. Ethan was spoiled with some new outdoor gear; a compound bow, compass, walkie-talkies, camo boots, etc. I think he even received a new bike from his dad. Happy 7th Birthday Ethan Cole!

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amy flege said...

wow sounds like a great birthday! happy 7th Ethan!