Thursday, November 30, 2006

Observations of the snowed-in...

Since being trapped in the Valley since Sunday here are a few observations:
Day One, very exciting, super fun to be outside, everywhere you can see is covered in a beautiful soft white blanket. Absolutely beautiful.
Day Two, bitter cold, but still fun to play in. Sledding a top activity, loving the fresh air. Isabelle not into going outside. No school.
Day Three, Getting a little board of watching T.V., bring out the games and drawing supplies, teach Ethan Monopoly, finally venture out on our snow hike just to see something other than the cul-de-sac, Isabelle is bored enough to join us. Run out of toilet paper and milk… Jack takes three baths. No school.
Day four, torture, everyone is suffering from cabin fever, Ethan and I take a nap on the couch, all four of us to lazy to put on all layers snow clothes to go outside. Have top ramen for lunch and heated up frozen bagels for dinner. During our waking hours Ethan and Jack are like are like being caged up with two wild tigers. Lovingly, Shawn Buhler comes to our rescue with toilet paper, fresh milk, bread and homemade soup from Simone. Jack takes four baths, no joke. Can’t sleep because we’ve been lazy all day. No school.
Beginning of day five, I can hear rain falling on the roof along with huge clumps of snow, if I don’t get out of here today I just may go insane. No school. Going straight to Toyota dealership to trade in for four-wheel drive!

Overall Experience: An adventure, one we soon won’t forget! No doubt, lots of fun memories made!


Anonymous said...

Oh Amy I can relate to this. We had our first adventure out of the house last night and my girls were commenting on the same elation to boredom senario. Love the blog!By the way we had peanut butter and jelly with meatballs!

Shelby said...

Oh my dearest Amy... I love you so!

shawn ellars said...

Amy, you crack me up. Good reason to stay well-stocked on TP. I am loving having my big kids home, but school in July isn't going to be so fun.