Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Peppercorn Sauce...

At around 18 months Ethan fell in love with golf. Today at age 7, he still loves golf although we have added a few new loves like fishing and soccer. So knowing Ethan's strong passion about things I figured his little brother would not be much different, I was right! Jack at around the same young age fell in love with Bunnies of all things. His fascination with them continued, so at long last I caved and helped his wish to come true! We added baby Peppercorn Sauce to our family this last Monday. I have to say I was not all that excited about the prospect of owning a bunny. You can see by the pictures that you can't not get excited about a little creature that cute! So count mom in the line to hold little Peppercorn. Who knew a bunny could be so fun? She has a sweet, docile temperament and loves to be snuggled and held. My purpose in agreeing to the deal was to nurture a little quiet and gentleness in the boys and so far it seems to be working. "Bunnies like it quiet and so do I!" Ahhhh... I love the baby bunny and the quietness she brings!

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