Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day...

We spent mother's day just the four of us this year. It was a great, amazing, beautiful, afternoon of bonding. Mom, Bellie, EE, Jackers and some trout. Funny story... Ethan caught one. We for the most part are simply on a catch and release basis. Ethan has a heart for his fish and wants them to return to the water. Flapping and flopping on the bridge proved to be a bit much and the next thing he knew trout was dead. Ethan was okay with it, excited to use his stringer for the first time. On the way home we decided we would call our friend Mike and see if we could get a quick lesson on cleaning. He happily agreed, we both watched carefully to increase our fishing knowledge. Kelly, Mike's wife gave me the info needed to fry fresh trout up for Ethan's din din. We got home, walked into the kitchen and Ethan immediately started to cry. "What's wrong EE" He looked at me with his big tear filled eye's and said "I wanted pizza."
I had the best Mother's Day knowing I got the best catch it these three kids.

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The Norris Clan said...

I would choose pizza too... that is priceless! Tell EE I am impressed with his catch!