Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks Buhlers...

for the super fun time! We had the most fun the other day kayaking with Simone, Christian, Nolan and Ethan. Actually Simone and I had the luxury of sitting on the shore and relaxing most of the time. :)  To see the kids go out independently in the kayak was amazing to me! Christian did such an amazing job taking care of Isabelle and was an excellent guide! 

I'm so happy that the beauty of this place still catches my attention. I promised myself when we moved from Nebraska fourteen years ago that I would never take it for granted, and as long as I am out of traffic, I think this is still the most beautiful place! 

Jack, the always thoughtful one, even picked me a flower! 

Ethan and Nolan always think of creative ways to play! After just watching Shark week with Joe tonight these pictures kind of scare me! Good thing there are no sharks in Lake Whatcom! 

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Buhler family said...

We sure had a lot of fun, let's repeat it soon. The weather man is promising us some warm days next week again.