Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No Hollabaloo, just pumpkins...

Eleven years ago was our first trip out to the Stoney Ridge Pumpkin Patch. Isabelle was four months old with a feeding tube down her nose and an oxygen maker slung over sean's shoulder. The experience was perfect, beautifully quaint, yet simple. A hay rack ride and a pumpkin pick. Over the years I have returned every year to see more. Well in my opinion more is not necessarily better. All though I always look forward to the photo opportunities at the lovely farm I do not look forward to the admission fee, the requests for the train ride, the jumpy castle, face painting etc... And the people!!!! I can't take the crowds. So imagine my excitement when on the way home from our hiking outing I spotted a pumpkin patch. Perfect!! A beautiful no frills patch. The kids had a fun time selecting the perfect gourd, mom got a few pics and dad enjoyed the loss of the swarm of people and we all had a terrific time! I don't care about the drive we're making this a new tradition :) 


Now we're talkin' 13.00 total, not 40.00 like we spent last year at Stoney Ridge.


Steph :o) said...

I hear ya. I'd love to take our kiddoes to a pumpkin patch, but I dread the crowds and I dread dropping $50 at Stoney Ridge.

Buhler family said...

Let's make the drive to Diablo a tradition along with the pumpinks. We will even get some pumpkins next year. As we passed you, Ethan was snoring away, Christian was fixed on a book and Nolan was content just staring out the window. I sure did not want to disturb this rare event.