Monday, July 20, 2009

Should I feel Guilty?

I had to work yesterday. So it was my husband who took EE to summer camp. I was really sad not to be able to see him off but may I ask you this?
Should I feel guilty about how much I love the peace at at our house?

Jack and Isabelle are so easy going and easy to please. They don't complain, they don't beg to get out and be entertained. They don't challenge me or my authority on a hourly basis.  They are both interested in their own projects and happy to stay home and chill out.  They don't fight. Our house is peaceful! 
We are really praying that God will grab onto E in this next couple of days and make Himself so real to Ethan. It is very interesting to see how differently kids "accept" Jesus into their hearts. For Jack and Isabelle we don't have to convince them that Jesus is real. They feel it. Jack sings to Jesus and is very comfortable in prayer, etc... For Ethan it is harder. I'm sure some things that have happened in his little life make it harder to believe. I can relate to that feeling.  But I desperately want him to know that Jesus is real. I want Ethan to know he will always have Jesus and to know that they can become true friends. 

Despite the peace I love, I sure miss him already. 

 Husband taking some good pics...
I love there are 'cool' guys that are willing to invest in our young men! I'm sure it will be great for Ethan to hear about life from someone other than parents! 

And they are off! Bye EE, we will see you in three days. Until then,
we will be enjoying every second of quiet we can get! 


Milliren 5 said...


I can completely relate. No, don't feel guilty. Be thankful that EE is old enough to go to camp. I will be praying that he will experience Christ in a whole new way. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.

Love ya,

Lisa Mee said...

I am so relieved to hear that other kids struggle with faith as well. Alexa openly and freely talks about Jesus. is hard for him. I know that is partially because of untimely deaths etc. but's tough. I hope that Ethan has a wonderful time and develops a greater understanding of faith. What camp is it? Maybe I should send Caden.....

Buhler family said...

I'll join you in your prayers, sister! Growing in Christ is THE most important aspect in their lives. We love Ethan!