Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Burns are Bad- God is Good

This for you non-facebookers. :) While camping with his father on Saturday night Jack fell backwards into the campfire. By the time I was able to get to the emergency room Jack was in a condition that was nearly unbearable to watch. I had never seen him in such pain, or anyone for that matter. I think burns are worse than labor! 
We spent the night in the ER at St. Joes. The medical staff there were talking about skin graphs. We were sent to the Harborview Medical Center Burn Clinic. He has 2nd degree burns on all fingers except his pinky. His thumb and the top of his hand is also burned. 
By the time we got there God did a miracle for Jack. No skin graphs needed!!!! That makes all of us sooo happy. I am learning today that despite not needing skin graphs he has a lot of healing to do. His hand looks even worse today.  (I will spare you a picture of that :) 
I have to change the bandages every evening and we do hand physical therapy every hour to keep the skin moving and not growing back too tight. 
I have two thank yous. First to all of you, my faithful and sweet friends for your support and prayers for our family. I feel so loved. It has been difficult with Joe being gone. Secondly, thank you Simone for heading to the burn center with us. You took great pics, they gross me out but Jack likes to see them. Your company was wonderful! 
Please continue to pray for healing as it will be a while. And praise Jesus with us as it could of been so much worse! There is a photo album on facebook even if you don't do that nonsense you can still take a peek here:  Jacks Trip to the Burn Clinic


Milliren 5 said...

God is so good! Hang in there.

Buhler family said...

Jack was quite the trooper! You forgot to mention that he was nicknamed "Jack the Brave" at the clinic. Our prayers are with you.

Lisa Mee said...

Amy - you amaze me....you are such a good mom. I continue to pray for Jack....what an ordeal. It just reiterates how precious time is and you never know what God has planned. Hang in there my friend.

Anonymous said...

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