Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Somebody call 911!

EE and Bellie 2003

WOW, wow, wow... here is the next chapter to that story. I was outside with Jack when Joe yelled to get me because she had woke up after coming home from school sick at 9:30 and sleeping all day. I walked into the bathroom to see her falling face first off the toilet, completely white as a ghost and unconscious laying in a puddle of diarrhea. Joe held her while I called 911. We spent from 3:30 until 11:30 Friday night in the ER. Thankfully the doctors (who in bellingham fall extremely short, just my opinion) think the collapse was more due to her vomiting in the morning, not drinking anything all day and then having severe diarrhea. When she lost all that fluid out the other end, her blood pressure dropped and she collapsed. I asked them over and over about her heart and they don't think that was what made her crash. They did an EKG and that indicated no heart stress / failure...
Friday was the scariest day I had seen from her. Joe was in tears Friday night saying "I thought I was going to see her die."
In the hospital when she snorted at me like a pig I knew she was feeling better.
And talk about resiliency, she was at school today!!
This child, I'll tell ya, is going to give me a heart attack! Thanks as always for praying for her. I am counting on this spring to really bring a new chapter for us. With the warm sun and fresh air covering us may the virus and health problems go away! xxxooo
P.S. the paramedics who have been frequenting our house are awesome!


Buhler family said...

Will you give those poor paramedics a rest? Kidding aside, I'm so thankful for God's protective hand over your family and for the amazing strnght he gives you.
Love you all,S.

Lisa Mee said...

Oh my goodness Amy. Your ability to be calm astounds me. I really think that God is telling you to become a nurse or paramedic or something! :-)

Glad she is ok. Will continue to pray.