Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Firwood, Ethan's paradise

Last weekend was pure bliss for EE. Camp Firwood. I am so excited to have this fabulous summer camp right in our own back yard (not exactly, but close). What an awesome experience. Wake boarding, rock climbing, paint balling, guys night out on the island, and most of all time dedicated everyday to learn about Jesus! He had the time of his life but we sure missed him like crazy around here.

There were families from Oregon and Northern California so again, yippee this place is so close!

EE and Turbulence, his camp counselor.

And who wouldn't want to sleep here for a week???
(Well... me for one :)

Passed the swim test, YES!
Awesome facilities.
Side Note*** and do not repeat this if you see my son. The cutest thing happened when he got home. I saw him on the computer looking through hundreds of pictures on the Firwood website. I went to show him where the one's of him were that I had found and he said "I'm looking for this girl that was in my rock climbing class. She doesn't go to Geneva and I don't think I will ever see her again." He was crushed. I asked him if she was cute? And with full embarrassment on his face he said "very". His first real crush and I learned one parenting key: Ask him with all seriousness and don't tease... or your gettin nothing out of him.
Ahhh that explains why he insisted packing his hair gel!

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