Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here is how you turn


You hope your mom does not forget the tradition since you were two, to wake you up with a doughnut with candles. And of course, she doesn't.
Then you ask her to make football cookies for both your classmates and your football team. Even if your mom has a true 'blond' moment, driving all over town looking for a 'football' shape cookie cutter, realizing after wasting tons of gas and time you can just buy a round one and bend it. And after using brown food coloring to make white frosting brown, rather than just buying chocolate...
Then you head down down to go to your favorite candy store for the traditional chocolate frog.
Next up, football practice! My favorite.

Then you stand around looking grown up and cute, and make your mom want to cry.

Good exercise to burn off the flaming doughnut, the chocolate frog and the brownies to come!

A few presents, a Chargers shirt, new socks and a guitar stand make me so happy.
Then you show your mom and dad you have actually been listening during guitar lessons.
And that is how I, Ethan Cole turned 11!


Tarheel88 said...

I can't believe it! He is so handsome & I love reading your blog! Miss you!

Lisa Mee said...

Happy birthday Ethan! You are the most amazing mom ever!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ethan, looks like you had a fab day. A fantastic birthday blog.

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Izabel said...

Beautiful post!