Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourteen Wonderful Years!

Isabelle wants to celebrate her birthday year round so when it finally arrives on the calender we go for it! First she got to have a "girls day out" with Tam, complete with clothes shopping, lunch and a manicure. She was sooo happy! Thanks Tam for the wonderful day for Isabelle.
Next grandpa and grandma got to come. We enjoyed a beautiful night with the Gish family with a BBQ and fire-pit.
We are so happy to have grandma here to help us celebrate!
New Jammies from Uncle Mike and Auntie. And big 14 year old girl lotion!

I can't take credit for this feast, my dad thought of the food and Joe put everything on the sticks. Yum.

Next we got to celebrate with our wonderful small group. I am sad however because once the guests arrived the camera went away. :( Thank you everyone for coming over and making Isabelle feel so special!

These are from party Number Two, such a lucky girl!

Isabelle with Auntie
Fun skit, singing, and joke time around the fire... Thanks to Emily and Jack for getting us rolling!

Thank you Jesus for giving us such a beautiful, sweet daughter. I thank you for her every day. Please protect her health in the coming year!

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Kiki said...

wow, your daughter is beautiful and pure, inside and out!